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Getting to know you...or me to be exact

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Okay so let me introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Ashleigh Boiros (AB) and I am an actress in Los Angeles. And I have two adorable chihuahuas Zeus & Athena! I love having a good time, making memories & whiskey- wait this isn't that kind of site.... Back to the real reason for the blog. Recently I have been itching to start a new creative project but the problem I am having is I don't know where to start. There are so many things I want to do and try!

I come from a very creative lineage on both sides of my family so there are plenty of options.

For my dad's side: My Mémère (Grandmother in French) is a wonderful baker & excellent crafter. I guess she would have to be pretty creative raising 5 boys! My grandpa was an electrician, while I would love to explore that think I will leave that to my Uncle B and little cousin B ;) It's all yours guys!

On my mom's side: My Avó (Grandmother in Portuguese) was a SEAMSTRESS EXTRAORDINAIRE! She was also pretty crafty making crochet blankets and drawing. She always said her true passion was to be a carpenter but since she was a woman growing up in a particular time period her choice was to work in the factory- luckily for her she was great at it! I know if she was still around she would have wanted to be on Project Runway! Her mother was a housewife and raised a large family and her dad aside from being an entrepreneur owing many apartment homes was a beer & liquor maker. For my Avô (Grandfather in Portuguese) he was a Navy man. After WWII he worked to support his family mostly working for the state. His father (my great grandfather, so my bisavô in Portuguese) was a fireman on the Old Fall River Line which was a boat that went between Fall River, MA and Long Island, NY. He also was a fireman in hospitals (and by fireman I mean literally the man in charge of stocking the fire) but his true passion was wine- which is something we already share a passion for!

Now my parents are also pretty creative themselves. My mother has been involved with Acting, Advertising, Real Estate, Teaching, Managing, and even was crafty herself especially with Photography & Macrame (hey it was the 70's and I think she even made a bathing suit lol)!

My dad is my very own MacGyver creating something out of nothing and always finding a second use for things!

So this is a little about me... This blog idea came about how I wanted to try my hand at trades and crafts that my family members excelled at. So this will be a journey in itself and maybe I'll discover I have some similar talents or maybe some will be epic fails- either way it should be a fun time discovering it!

The Babies- Mr. Zeus & Miss Athena

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